Heading "downhill" on our way home to San Diego.

Dave Haugland and Chief Allen and part of the Engineering Department. Our snipes were real magicians at keeping old machinery operating.

Dick Hill and his Supply Division. Without these guys there would have been a mutiny for sure . . . truly the unsung heroes of the cruise.

The "official" Apache photographers.

Chief Homme and part of his snipe gang.

This is Apache's Deck Division . . . "as tough a bunch of sailors as this man's navy has ever seen."

This is the Ops Dept. Chief Houston is looking pretty good, but take a look at the body language ofLTJG Wadsworth and some of the crew. This cruise has dragged on long enough (no pun intended).

I guess the Apache's officers are all looking a bit worn out too.

Back: WO1 D.V. Haughland and CWO2 D.L. Hill
Front: Lorenzo (aka LTJG L.C. Hagerty), LT L.W. Lonnon, and LTJG W.A. Wadsworth

The bow flagstaff, finally pointing at a land mass we recognize as home.

It's hard to describe the emotion we felt when we saw this sight for the first time in almost a year. . . . Safely home at last!

BMC P.J. Hendrix makes a final inspection just before 1SD. Chief Hendrix is a seaman's seaman. What a wonderful job he and his men did, manning the deck for the longest tow in Navy history.

As navigator, these are some of the men I worked most closely with:
RD3 T.P. Moody, QM3 D.M. Boggs, QMC J.W. Houston, QM2 L.W. Sherard, and RD2 R. Gagnon

I'd go to sea any day with these guys!

What a lovely sight!

The Navy has it's own version of a welcome wagon.

Hmmm, we've got to tie up next to a sub. . . . Let's hope our approach is more gentle than it was on our last landing, which was in Panama a month or so ago.

Aha, what a welcome sight that was.

We were really blown away by the band. I guess that's the kind of welcome you get when you are attached to Sub Dev Group 1 :-).

I can't remember a slower approach than this one.

Finally! The brow is over and the families come aboard. It has been almost a year since the Apache, White Sands, and Trieste left San Diego. A welcome end to a loooooong cruise.