This is as pretty an ocean-going tug as I ever expect to see.

The USS Apache (ATF-67), namesake for the Apache class of fleet tugs.

This old photo just showed up in my email one day. Allegedly, either the picture was taken from the Apache, or she is one of those ships in the distance.

She was a pretty little tug, wasn't she?

Someone (???, but thanks!) sent this picture of the Apache's ribbons. I'm not sure when this was taken.

This is a picture I took of the ill-fated Sea Lab station floating on the surface near San Clemente Island off the coast of California. While Apache was on station for the Scorpion Phase II Operation in the Atlantic, a Sea Lab diver accidentally drowned, and the experiment was cancelled not long afterwards.

Another view of Sea Lab on the surface near San Clamente Island in 1968.

The Apache and Cree tied up in San Diego?

USS Apache (ATF-67) tows the USS White Sands (ARD-20) into the Panama Canal Zone in 1969.